Diana Freed
Tessa Ndiaye


The Moodsetter creates a vibe as you turn it by changing color, videos, displaying inspirational messages each time you select a color while listening to music.


Introduction to Physical Computing

The Moodsetter provides an inspirational vibe by allowing users to select colors and videos while listening to music. The frosted plastic cube has been constructed with an Arduino accelerometer circuit inside and RGB color changing LEDs set up in parallel through pulse-width modulation (PMW). The Moodsetter is connected via USB to the computer and a projector to display videos while music plays. Once the user places the cube in a fixed position inspirational messages appear associated with the color. The meaning of the colors and word associations were derived from user testing that was done at ITP as well as from the Carl Jung's work. Based on user testing we assigned specific videos to colors so that each color would have 2 to 4 videos assigned. We also tested the words associated with the colors to confirm that they resonated for a broad range of users. During user testing we learned that people wanted the statements to be incorporated into the videos. We accomplished this by incorporating the words into the processing codes that they would appear after a 5 second delay once a color was chosen. Each video has its own inspirational statements. It is best to use the cube in a dimly lit area so that the projection of the light and color is pronounced.

We wanted to make the Moodsetter meaningful so we spent time testing the meaning of the colors to people and combined this with psychology literature particularly Carl Jung to make the meaning of the color more significant by providing information to the user. We learned that the cube would be more meaningful if videos were assigned to colors rather than run randomly. We also learned that we needed the cube to increase light intensity when it was still so that it would enhance the user interaction and be meaningful when it was turned or still.

Everyone that likes to listen to music and have a peaceful interactive experience.

User Scenario
User picks up the cube, music plays, videos project as user turns the cube color changes and user selects first color and reads inspirational messages. The user then picks up the cube and begins turning again until all colors are selected or until user feels that they have selected a color, video and inspiration that resonates.

The cube is made of frosted plastic that has an arduino inside, LED lights and an accelerometer connected to a computer and projector via USB.

We learned that we would select videos to match color, write inspirations on one side of the cube so it will there if someone would want to reflect back on the colors. We learned how to assign videos to axis/colors, increase light intensity and record data.