Kyle Greenberg
Seiya Kobayashi


Wake up that special someone the way they deserve to be woken up..BY YOU!

Comm Lab: Web,Introduction to Physical Computing

A collaboration between Kyle Greenberg and Seiya Kobayashi, NapChat is a web-based alarm clock where users choose the time that the alarm clock goes off but not the sound that they are woken up by, that’s up to their loved ones to decide. On the NapChat website, user’s friends and family select the tone they want to wake up the user, which selection is then sent wirelessly to an Arduino Yun and played through a speaker which is located inside of the NapChat Companion (a teddy bear). Once the alarm clock goes off, the user must press the push-buttons that are located in the NapChat Companion’s paws in order to turn the alarm off and notify the person that set the user’s tone that they received the NapChat and the alarm was successfully turned off. NapChat’s website provides the user’s friends and family their nap schedule and which wake up times are available for someone to send them a NapChat. Wake up that special someone the way they deserved to be woken up, by the tone of your choice!

People of all ages that have the desire to choose the first thing their beloved friends and family hear when they way up.

User Scenario
User sets the time to be woken up via the NapChat Website
Friend or family goes on the NapChat website sees that the user set their alarm, chooses a tone for them to be woken up by.
Tone is wireless sent to Arduino Yun
Arduino Yun receives tone
Tone is played at desired time for user
When alarm is turned off, email is sent to the person that set the tone that the NapChat was successfully received and played.

Stuffed animal, Arduino Yun, Web

Arduino Yun is a fascinating device, downloading full mp3 files on the Arduino Yun is very difficult to accomplish, teddy bears are found to be comforting no matter the age group