Allison Burtch
Alon Chitayat
Andrew Cerrito
Christina Carter
Erin Finnegan
Erin Smith
Federico Burch
Ken Amarit
Natalie Tschechaniuk
Sam Brenner
Sarah Rothberg
Valerie Chen
Yuliya Parshina

PAPO Class Projects

An array of puppets and performing objects come to life!

Puppets and Performing Objects

From foam, from metal, from socks, from wires.

In Puppets and Performing Objects, who knows what transpires!

Each piece comes to life with a story to tell,

Excitement and mystery are sure to compel.

We hope to bring you joy and delight,

So step right on up, don't take to flight!

December can be quite cold and gray,

Let the magic wonder of puppets chase your blues away.

PAPO projects have been inspired by guest speakers, field trips, in-class projects, song writing, dancing, movies, television and, of course, Ithai himself.

Puppets speak to everyone. They have a playfulness that captures people's attention and encourages a closer look.