Kate Godwin

Pattern Making

This project allows users to customize parameters of a pattern and print out a swatch.


Introduction to Computational Media,Introduction to Physical Computing

I began my pattern making project in part out of convenience (I already had the Processing sketch) but also because I am interested in art that allows users to determine the final outcome and direction of a work. It seems that artists often try to control so many aspects of their work but I find that users bring more life to what I do than I can on my own. We put our work out there but most of its meaning and excitement comes from the interpretations of others. I want to explore the line between what I create and what users contribute. What is the effect of pulling this line closer to me and giving users more control over a work? What is the most exciting ratio of my input : user input?

I am hoping to begin answering some of these questions with my interactive pattern maker. This project allows users to adjust elements of a pattern made of squares and circles and to print out the result. The first prototype allowed control over scale, shape size, and one channel of shape + background color. The new device will allow for full color control, have a larger screen, incorporate wireless communication, be wall-mounted, and have a CNCed body. See process work and the current prototype at the above URL. I will be CNCing the final housing as soon as the CNC works again! I will be sanding + finishing it with a lovely polyurethane.