Andy Sigler
Anne-Marie Lavigne
Courtney Nadine Coleman
GJ Lee
Kang-Ting Peng
Kristen Barry
Natalie Tschechaniuk
Natasha Dzurny
Norah Solorzano
Peter Terezakis
Talya Stein Rochlin
Vanessa Joho
Wajma Mohseni
Wyna Liu
Zhenzhen Qi

Piecing It Together Class Projects

Digital fabrication projects produced by students in the Piecing It Together class.

Piecing it Together

We've created a number of interactive, physical objects from wood, fabric, metal and other materials using the laser cutter, CNC router, and 3D printer as our primary tools. Many projects also incorporate traditional fabrication techniques.

User Scenario
These projects encourage user engagement: most can be picked up, put together, pushed, pulled, or played with. The Piecing It Together class project table will invite people to handle the work and investigate how they were made.