Rodrigo Narciso Gouveia da Silva

Playable Jacket

Playing sounds with space.

Introduction to Physical Computing

The playable jacket is a wearable project where we use a jacket as an element to create different sounds based in your arms movement. Calculating the X, Y and Z positions, the sensors play different pitches in the speakers, producing an interesting analog music piece.

To make this project come true I had to research about acelerometers, different types of flexible wires and fabric. Some wires don't solder well and I had many trouble because of that. Moreover, the fabric couldn't be any sintetic material, only 100% cotton, wich made this final prototype not so cool as I imagined.

It's an art piece basically for any audience intrested in wearable and physical actions generating sounds.

User Scenario
People told me that they could imagine people making snowboard listening sounds generated by this jacket, or just walking on the streets using headphones,

There's no gameplan. It's just to wear and perform randomly with your arms.

I'm completely new in Pcomp. So, all parts in this project was chanllenging for me. I learned about fabric, static energy, arduino code, acelerometers, etc.