Maximo Sica
Uttam Grandhi

Pungi Time

An interactive two player game that is played by blowing a flute and rolling a sphere.

Introduction to Computational Media,Introduction to Physical Computing

This is a two player snake game where one charms/controls a snake by playing a flute (blowing + pressing buttons) and the other controls an egg by rolling a ball on the table. The player controlling the egg wins if he successfully makes the egg reach the other side of the screen without getting caught by the snake. And the player controlling the snake wins if he is able to catch the egg. The game environment contains obstacles that allow the egg to momentarily hide from the snake. The uniqueness of the game lies in the interactions with the controllers. The technology behind the project includes the use of Arduino Uno, Processing and Xbee. We strongly believe that the simplicity of the game and the relevant design of our game controllers and the rightly positioned display will make it an engaging and fun table game experience for the users.

Anyone who likes to see / play games.

If the snake eats the egg, the snake grows longer and if it fails it becomes shorter. Each round lasts only for 60 seconds. The scores are displayed on two ends of the screen.

We learned how to do Serial Communication using XBees.