Donna Miller Watts

Redaction Poetics

Your real friends what you really mean--Redaction Transformer helps frustrate eavesdropping by randomly censoring your conversations and inserting random rhymed words in their place.

Poetry Everywhere

This is a small installation. Redaction Transformer will take audio of conversations, via Google Speech to text Chrome extension (Javascript-based) and transform this audio input into text. The text then gets processed into rhymes via the RiTa processing.js library. Then, because the RiTa processing.js library does not have a text to speech capability, and I have not, as of this writing, been able to connect Google Text to speech with the text result I've gotten through RiTa, I am currently using eSpeak to transform the text back into speech. As such, I may also employ the mBrola voice library to improve the voice intelligibility. The result of this fancy footwork should be some weird, funny, and hopefully, interesting "poems."

spring 2013 project--