Tessa Ndiaye


54 countries. 10 highlighted countries to match. Drag and drop them into their correct location, and discover what's next!


Introduction to Computational Media

SOUNDS OF AFRICA starts as a playful geographical challenge: ten country names to be placed into their correct geographic location on the map of Africa. MousePressed. MouseDragged. Each time a correct answer is given, a song originally from the country in question rewards the user.

It all began with my parents. They both are African immigrants from Senegal and Ethiopia living in France . This project was a way for me to celebrate their journey and a great continent that is usually in the news, but not for the happiest events. Africa is not a country, so this is also an occasion to showcase its diversity through a universal language: music.

Below are the first ten countries that I chose based on my personal story, travels, and the latest international events. Each is accompanied by artists and songs considered very representative of their country and culture.
- Botswana - Bhudaza "Tjontjobinaā€¯
- Egypt - Dalida "Salma Ya Salama"
- Ethiopia - Tilahun Gessesse "Hulunem Neger Ayichewaleehu"
- Libya - Ahmed Fakroun "Libya"
- Morocco - Nass El Ghiwan, Jil Jilala "Lamchaheb"
- Nigeria - Sir Victor Uwaifo "Kirikisi - Ekassa 24"
- Senegal - Youssou NDour & Le Super Etoile "Lees Waxul"
- South Africa - Lucky Dube "Born To Suffer"
- South Sudan - Emmanuel Jal "Warchild"
- Tanzania - Remmy Ongala "No Money, No Life"

In case the user is not very familiar with Africa, a "I think I need help.. click here and check your answer" option is available to allow people to jump directly to the next chapter, and discover the different songs.

All in all, I believe and hope that this project is a fun and intuitive educational tool for kids and adults that could be transposed to other continents such as South America.

I did research on Africa latest borders. For instance, South Sudan only became independent in July 2011. Then, I researched the African music landscape and asked people from each country to validate my choice.

- NYC Middle & High schools

- Music lovers

- Geographical lovers

- African-related people

User Scenario
You play. You listen. Save the songs that you like, and hopefully remember this playful geographical lesson.

a Processing sktech.

I learnt Processing logic, Minim, and user interactivity.