Youjin Shin

The True South Korea

Data visualization about the South Korea's true aspect that we need to know about

Data Representation

South Korea has been ranked the number one in suicide rates among OECD nations. It's the fact that many Korean knows about. However, what most Koreans don't realize is that South Korea has been ranked the number one in suicide rates over a decade and the suicide rates keep increasing. Also, high suicide rate in South Korea has been treated as an individual’s problem to be solved, when in fact it can be a reaction to the real societal problem. I do believe that realizing the true aspect of the problem can be the starting point to solve it.

I aim to make an interactive data visualization through a storytelling about the problem. I believe that the data visualization is a great tool to help people engage in the data more and realize the seriousness of the problem.

First target audience is South Koreans who don't familiar with the stories about the suicide rates in South Korea. The second target audience can be the general public.

User Scenario
It will start with the simple quiz in order to see people's perception about South Korea. Then, the problem of the suicide rates will be shown to get people's attention. Last, using the dataset, I want to make emotional data visualization and let people interact with the data and reveal by themselves.

While talking with people about the issue, I realize that no one really knows about it. The situation is much worse than I expected.