Adarsh Kosuru
Eunjin Kim
Federico Burch

Zomb it!

As a zombie calls out its body parts, play against time and your memory to activate each one with physical slaps, pulls, stomps, blows and punches.

Introduction to Physical Computing

Inspired by the 1996 game "Bop it!" The player attempts to follow directions called out by the zombie in the right order within the given time frame. A zombie is physically in front of a player, each body part laser cut with accents of foam. Inside each body part, a sensor is hidden to receive feedback. There is a head with a hanging tongue, a stomach, a hand with a finger, an ear, and a foot. Each of these parts will be called out, and the player must react. Inside of the tongue there is a flex sensor that senses when it is slapped. Inside of the gut made of foam there is a pressure sensor that determines when it is punched. The below the foot, located on the floor, is a pressure sensor sheet. The ear has a piezo sensor that senses when the player blows in it. The arm has a detached finger hanging by a rubberized chord, that when pulled, also gives feedback. The zombie will call out each part randomly, getting faster as time passes. When each part is activated, we will randomly play the sound for that part of the body.

Children and Playful adults

User Scenario
Walk up to the space, facing it, press a button to start, and start slapping and interfacing with the game as it calls out parts faster and faster.

Laser cut wood, foam, cloth