A Journey to the past: Poisonous gas Pandexperience‚Ä© 2088-2107

In the year of 2107, we're looking back in the past and trying to understand what brought us here living in isolation to each other.

Daniel Otero Sendas, Jingyuan Li, Zhiyue Huang



This project retells the story of Icarus and Dadaelous in a sci-fi fashion. The story and the main characters are brought to a parallel world, which has a metaphorical connection with the 2020 pendemic event.

In this project, we also present a fictional museum which contains scattered pieces of clues about Icarus and Dadaelous. The audience are museum visitors in the future who try to excavate the truth from the exhibits.

ITPG-GT.2076.001, ITPG-GT.2076.001
Out of Order: Storytelling + Technology (Online), Out of Order: Storytelling + Technology (Online)