Alum, Allistar Peters solo work on display

ITP Alumnus, Allistar Peters

Come check out Allistar’s first solo work on display at Tom & Jerry’s bar
Where: 288 Elizabeth street – corner of North Houston. The bartenders are
also cool, especially Isabel.

When: From Nov 4 to Nov 30th. best time to view is at night when it’s dark.

The premise: The sexes often have provocative thoughts about each other,
some more vocal than others. I wanted to give people an additional and
safe opportunity to express their shouts via a static vessel – shouting
heads, and what other place than a bar in the form of words on a screen in
the form of plexiglas cuts of a man and woman’s face with mouth open.
Contents are actual submissions from friends, friends of friends, and

You can also participate by sending me phrases you would SHOUT at your
partner – strange as it may seem – to, here on
FB, or just twitter your phrases to yinyangshout. Shouts could be Happy,
Angry, of Concern, etc…. It could be in any language. Just provide a
text document.

The work will be up for the month of November.

Visit Tom & Jerry’s for more details and views YinYanShout.

Link to facebook event and some images
[ ].

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009
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