Alum Matthew Rader has first UK solo show


Reed + Rader first UK solo show
‘Cretaceous Returns’

Dubstep Dinosaurs, Prehistoric GIFs & Video Games take over 18 Hewett Street

Reed + Rader are launching their Cretaceous Returns exhibition at 18 Hewett Street on 8th November 2012. A peek into the prehistoric underbelly of dino-daddies Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader, the digital art pioneers best known for their spellbinding fashion stories will transport primordial-inspired works from NYC to LDN for an all encompassing animated GIF, video, and sound odyssey.

“We want you to take an adventure back to the dinosaur times and enter a tropical jungle filled with tall grass and foliage – GIF animations showing different characters, a video of colorful dinosaurs dancing to dubstep, a side-scrolling video game-like adventure to explore and meet new friends…”
Having already created GIFs for renowned publications and brands including V magazine, Dazed & Confused, Another, POP, Beck’s and even Victoria’s Secret, the Brooklyn-based duo now set to transform 18 Hewett Street’s clean white space into a land before time. Paper grass foliage with hidden, small colourful dinosaurs amongst the green will line the walls, with large scale projections setting the scene for Reed + Rader’s free standing dinosaur. You’ll be offered headphones blasting music, and invited to dance along with the dubstep dinosaurs throwing killer moves in front of you …

For the opening night we’ve invited Bosco and Bee to come down and serve up some wood-fired pizzas from their converted Piaggio ape van. Have you seen Reed + Rader’s awesome Pizza Machine video yet? Check it out and come hungry for some real life pizza!

Following the opening of Cretaceous Returns, Protein curates a week of Reed + Rader in London, with exclusive events and a chance to join the artists at the upcoming Digital Art-themed Protein Forum. We’ll be marking Reed + Rader’s 10 Year Anniversary by welcoming their digital life into our physical world. Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook where we’ll be revealing the latest updates on Reed + Rader events during their London takeover.

All artworks from Cretaceous Returns including signed Mini Dinosaur sculptures, limited edition video pieces and prints of the Reed + Rader’s prehistoric world will be available for sale from 18 Hewett Street and theProtein Store.
* RSVP now to for Reed + Rader’s ‘Cretaceous Returns’ private view on 8th November, 2012 at 18 Hewett Street. *

Cretaceous Returns
08.11.12 – 20.11.12
Private View: Thursday 8th November, 2012
  //  7pm – 10pm

18 Hewett Street
London EC2A 3NN

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