CLOUDS Documentary online!


CLOUDS documentary is now available!
for OSX, Windows and Oculus VR.

A generation of artists and hackers have emerged on the internet, inventing open source technologies for art and design. CLOUDS is an interactive documentary and a portrait of this community of digital pioneers explored through the lens of code and networks.
Many people from the ITP community worked on this project. See credits below.

James George (adjunct) – Director
Winslow Porter ’10 – Producer
R. Luke DuBois (adjunct) – Music
Elie Zananiri ’10 – Lead Interaction Developer
Surya Mattu ’14 – Story Engine Developer
Gal Sasson ’14 -Visual Systems Development
Omer Shapira ’14 – Visual Systems Development
Michael Allison ’14 – Visual Systems Development
Sarah Hallacher ’13 – Interaction Design
Luisa Pereira ’13 – Interface Development

Greg Borenstein ’11
Shantell Martin (adjunct)
Lauren McCarthy (faculty)
Kyle McDonald (adjunct)
Josh Nimoy ’04
Daniel Shiffman ’03
Jer Thorp (adjunct)
Sofy Yudiskaya ’11
Marius Watz (adjunct)
Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015
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