EVENT: Future Scenario Planning Presentations

December 9, 2011
7:00 pmto9:00 pm


The Future of New Media in 2022: Friday Dec 9 at 7 PM

Eleven years ago, Google was just four years old, Facebook didn’t exist, the Euro was unimpeachable, and China was known for Mao, not for manufacturing.

What will the world be like 11 years from now?

Each year, a group of graduate-level students at New York University’s famous Interactive Telecommunications Program presents scenarios on the future of media. These are fascinating glimpses of the interrelated future of new media and the global economy; of the evolution of society and our own ambitions and aspirations; and then a thought-provoking, freeform discussion follows.

We’ll be talking about these four ways that the world might evolve by 2022:

HOMO EVOLUTIS – a future in which biotech research, enabled by information technology, leapfrogs as far as plausibly possible.

FLASH JOBS – a future in which the large institutions of our time give way to a decentralized, web-enabled and cloud-enabled way of life.

SHAREFLATION — a future in which, after a period of deflation, the cost of living is lower while more people have access to higher-quality goods and experiences with less waste and less initial consumption of resources.

FREEMIUM – a future in which large institutions establish a stable but stagnant economy, and many people settle into a stable, protected, and less aspirational (entrepreneurial, achievement-oriented) way of life.

The presenters include: Alex Dodge, Lia Martinez, Dave Boyhan, Doug Thistlethwaite, Fernanda Bak, Ginny Hung, Hernan Carranza, Johnny Lu, Kevin Bleich, Fred Truman, Matt Rader, Ramsey Stevens, Sajan Ravindran, Ali Sajjadi, Survarchala Narayanan, and Will Jennings.

I will moderate. Please join us, if you can, on
Friday, December 9, 2011:
7-10 PM.

At New York University’s
Interactive Telecommunications Program
721 Broadway, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10003
(corner of Waverly Place, one block below 8th Street)

Near the Astor Place (6), West 4th Street (A-B-C-D-E) and 8th Street (R-W) subway lines.

* To RSVP: email itp.rsvp@nyu.edu
with the word “Future” in the subject line or first line of text.
(That will let us know for sure that it’s for this event.)

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