EVENT: Inconvenient Truths About Digital Art with Marius Watz

November 15, 2013
3:30 pmto5:00 pm

Inconvenient Truths About (Digital) Art with Marius Watz
Friday, November 15

Room 50
Inconvenient Truths about (Digital) Art:
Tough Love and Survival Strategies

Art is great, and so we all agree. A free agent of Truth and Beauty, art illuminates, 
elevates and transforms our understanding of the world. So why is being an artist such 
a tough job? How can one learn to navigate the art world's confusing maze of unwritten 
rules and peculiar market economics, when to discuss such things openly is seemingly 
frowned upon?

Drawing on his own experiences as a (digital) artist, Marius Watz will provide a subjective 
breakdown of the real-world mechanisms that govern the production and dissemination of art. 
These include some inconvenient truths that tend to be poorly understood (or simply 
blissfully ignored) by lay audiences, yet which are crucial factors in the survival of 
the would-be professional artist.

Possible topics for discussion: The bizarre economics of the art market (the logic of 
galleries and art fairs, the illusion of scarcity, how to price an artwork), the power 
hierarchies of the art world, and the fickle role of art discourse and curators as tastemakers 
and gatekeepers. 

Also: Specific issues related to digital art, with anecdotal evidence of common challenges 
faced by digital artists.


Marius Watz uses code to describe abstract forms as generative software systems. Known for 
his vivid colors and complex geometries, his output ranges from real-time software to 
print-making and physical artifacts produced through digital fabrication technologies. Watz 
is a lecturer in Interaction Design at the Oslo School of Architecture, and has shown his 
work at venues like the V & A (London), Kunstlerhaus (Vienna) and Club Transmediale (Berlin).
Wednesday, November 6th, 2013
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