EVENT: Meditation and Creative Focus

October 19, 2012
6:30 pmto8:00 pm
We all know this feeling of being under the gun with a deadline, needing to access our most creative ideas at a moment’s notice. The chatter of our minds is going a mile a minute to no avail. When we really need our creative muse to show up, she somehow has the uncanny ability to hide like a needle in a haystack and then show up at 3:00am as we bolt upright out of bed, making our way in the dark to scribble down the ideas she’s handed to us. For too long we’ve accepted that’s just the way creativity and imagination work – unpredictably.

Yoga – physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation – helps us tap into our imaginations at will and with ease, exactly when we need them. A regular yoga practice keeps our minds sharp, helps us make connections between seemingly disparate bits of information that may otherwise go unnoticed, and causes us to imagine solutions to complex challenges. By learning to quiet the mind, we give our greatest ideas the chance to rise to the top. Yoga gives us a way forward.
This session will provide a sample class geared toward enhancing creativity. It will include a few basic standing postures that can be done in your everyday clothes. The breathing and meditation techniques will all be practiced seated. It is helpful for everyone who needs to tap into their own creativity on a regular basis – from performers to programmers, in all mediums. You will also receive the sequence of postures and techniques after the class so that you can continue to practice on your own.
Dress comfortably. You do not need to bring a mat or any props with you.

About the presenter: Christa Avampato worked as a Company Manager for Broadway shows and national tours for 7 years after completing her BA in Economics and History at the University of Pennsylvania. She then became a nonprofit fundraiser before getting her MBA at the University of Virginia. She has spent the last 5 years as a product developer for Fortune 500 companies and now makes her living through her company Chasing Down the Muse where she is a product development consultant, freelance writer on the topics of creativity, collaboration, and entrepreneurship, and a yoga and meditation teacher for creative professionals. She lives and works in New York City and believes that her years in theatre gave her the very best education she ever received.

Friday, September 7th, 2012
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