September 28, 2012
3:30 pmto4:30 pm

Meghan Athavale of PO-MOtion
demo of a new interactive floor and wall display platform
Friday, Sept 28
3:30pm, Meeting Room

PO-MOtion is a no-frills, super easy to use interactive floor and wall projection platform. All you need is a regular computer, a projector or tv, and a regular web camera, and you can make a motion reactive surface without having to learn any code. The software has been used in Air New Zealand, during the Samsung Galaxy launch in South Africa, and is a permanent fixture in the front lobby of Google Tokyo. Meghan Athavale, a founding member of  PO-MOtion.com, will be on-site to show you how to make your own interactive floors and walls, and to give free copies of the software to interested students.


Friday, September 28th, 2012
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