Hacking for the Holidays at ITP


Hacking for the Holidays at ITP

This past Saturday, December 3rd, the ITPediatrics class hosted Hacking for the Holidays, http://hackingfortheholidays.tumblr.com , a toy modification event for children with disabilities at ITP. Over 20 people, including occupational therapists, physical therapists, child life specialists, public school teachers and graduate students arrived with simple battery operated toys that were taken apart and adapted for use with accessibility switches.

What is a switch enabled toy? It is toy with mono audio jack connected to its circuit that accepts switches for children who might not have hand or physical function. The children can use their head, mouth, feet or other more functioning body parts to trigger a switch that operates the toy.

Guests attending the event learned about soldering, appropriate toy selection & switch modification. And even though many had never soldered before they were excited to take their toys apart and “just figure it out” – this is a trait we certainly approve of at ITP!

There was a great interest in this event and we are planning on continuing with the idea for more tinkering in assistive technology.

Here is a link to some photos http://on.fb.me/vHLmYi

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011
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