Imagination Camp

October 6, 2012
9:30 amto5:30 pm
October 7, 2012
12:00 pmto5:00 pm
EDesign Lab is a unique interdisciplinary prototyping lab for public k12 education supported by the Ford Foundation.  Our “what-if” hypotheses is what would happen if we brought together teachers thinking deeply about the design of learning experiences with technologists thinking deeply about the design of digital experiences to collaboratively prototype – could we come up with ways to re-imagine digital learning experiences for k12 public education that neither could have come up with on their own?

A key focus is on prototyping re-imagined learning experiences in the context of:
– Mobile and social applications
– Data visualizations and content mashups
– Digital games and simulations
– Emerging interfaces and modalities: augmented reality, embodied, touch, physical computing
– Collaborative production, problem-solving, and intelligent resourcing

Through a series of rapid design cycles creative educators and technologists collaboratively concept, prototype, and incubate real examples of what interactive digital learning experiences can look like that integrate emerging digital contexts and extend learning outside of the classroom for better student engagement, motivation, and success.  In its pilot year, the lab rapidly generated and transformed user-driven concepts into trial-able prototypes for students and teachers.
Imagination Camp:
EDesign Lab kicks off its year by inviting a small number of outside experts to seed some inspirational examples and to co-brainstorm with our lab members through a series of interactive panels.  Join us in asking how emerging societal and technological possibilities can be applied to the design of new types of learning experiences.  Concepts generated from this thought-provoking weekend may even eventually find themselves realized through the course of the lab’s year .


Friday, October 5th, 2012
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