ITP Alum Natacha Diels, Uncanny Valley

I’m very excited about next Wednesday… my monodrama, Uncanny Valley, will be performed by the wonderful Pamplemousse plus friends at Issue Project Room on November 9 at 8pm. This has been sort of a huge undertaking for me, and has been a tremendous collaborative effort, and I think it is going to be very very awesome.
Uncanny Valley explores the region where robotic human replicas begin to emulate human characteristics too closely, causing revulsion in observers. The monodrama investigates this sometimes-uncomfortable line between automaton and human through the legend of Francine, Descartes’ mechanical daughter. The story pursues the discovery, revulsion, and eventual destruction of this mechanical being; and explores the conflict between machine and human through the interwoven dialogues of Francine and narrator.
In addition to the music I wrote, there are also 4 interludes composed by the most excellent Jessie Marino, Andrew Greenwald, Dave Broome, and Bryan Jacobs; live video executed by the fabulous Dan Iglesia; a moment of animation by the stupendous Kakyoung Lee; narration by the marvelous George Lewis; text by the inimitable Dominique Ahkong; all performed by the exquisite Kiku Enomoto, Jessie Marino, Dave Broome, Andrew Roitstein, Michael Caterisano, and Matt Donello; conducted by Ted Hearne the awesome, starring wonderful Maria Stankova.
This project was conceived as a fulfillment of the EAC program at Issue Project Room. Thank you Issue! Admission is free!
Really really hope to see you!!
Uncanny Valley: a monodrama
Ensemble Pamplemousse + friends
Wendesday November 9
232 3rd St, at 3rd Ave, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn NY
and if you’ve made it this far,
we’d love it if you put another date in your books-
CD release party on December 17!
RAANNA JEDAKU: works by Pamplemousse
released by Carrier Records
December 17, 8pm
AC Institute
547 W 27th St, 6th Floor
New York NY
Sponsored by the Brooklyn Brewery and GuS soda, with performances by Ted Hearne and Philip White; Bryan Jacobs; and Ivan Naranjo and Maria Stankova.
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011
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