ITP Alums Start Boundless Brooklyn

80% of the earth is covered in water.The rest is kept in towers high above Brooklyn.

Alright, maybe that Brooklyn “fact” is a bit of a stretch. But water towers really do dot the Brooklyn skyline — from Coney Island and Red Hook to Fort Greene and Greenpoint. They’re as common — and quintessentially New York — as bagels, brownstones and deal-with-it attitudes.

Not for nothin’, but we at Boundless Brooklyn figured it was time to offer this classic bit of our borough in dimensions better suited for your home, office, yurt… In fact, the Boundless Brooklyn Water Tower is the perfect size for a desk, table, mantle, nightstand or wherever you want your Brooklyn pride to show. Best of all, it’s perfect for adults and kids (3+).

Boundless Brooklyn is a Brooklyn-based design shop from ITP alums David Shulman & Terence Arjo (Class of 2007). Did we mention that we really like Brooklyn?

Friday, December 13th, 2013
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