ITP at ISEA2012

ITP alumni were represented at ISEA2012 in Albuquerque

ITP Alum Nathaniel Stern presented “Tweets in Space”

ITP Alum Jonah Brucker Cohen presented “Hacking: The School Yard: Scrapyard Challenge Junior Maker Kits”

ITP Alum Katherine Moriwaki presented “R.I.P.: A Case Study in Facilitating Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration”

ITP Alum Romy Achituv presented “Embodied Algorithms: On Mobility and Transience as Structural Metaphors”

ITP Alum Jody Zellen presented “From Net Art to Mobile Art”

ITP Alum Bruno Vianna presented “Mapping with Balloons and Kites” and “Ionic Satellite Fountain”

ITP Alum Miriam Langer presented “CorpusElectric Collective: The Making of a Responsive Technology Fashion Performance”

ITP Professor Marina Zurkow presented “Gila 2.0: Warding Off the Wolf”

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012
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