ITP at LISA Conference

Leaders in Software and Art Conference 2012

Guggenheim Museum, NYC, October 16.

ITP speakers include:

Daniel Shiffman (’03 and faculty),

Georgia Krantz (adjunct),

Jake Barton, Local Projects (’03 and adjunct)

Lesley Flanigan (’08)

Mouna Andraos (’06)

R. Luke Dubois (adjunct)

Tristan Perich (’08)

Zach Lieberman (adjunct)

Leaders in Software and Art (LISA) is putting together a very special creative software and tech art conference in NYC for October 15-16 which will take place at the Guggenheim Museum.  This event gathers together the leaders in established and emerging software and electronic media art to showcase the forefront of what is happening in these fields. Attendees will come to meet each other, network, recruit creative coders, and get inspired by new possibilities in tech art.

Where’s the impact? Think ipad apps, out-of-the-box interaction design, the coolest ads you have ever seen, rethinking the book publishing and music business, and advances in 3D graphics.  All of those innovations and many more will be driven by the kind of creative thinking and inspiration that our presenters engender every day.  The late Steve Jobs of Apple insisted that the impact of art should reach beyond museums and galleries and into corporations and product design. As Bob Dylan sings, “He not busy being born is busy dying”.  So get busy!

Our speakers are the cutting edge, forward-thinking practitioners in New York City’s arts tech scene, including interactive and visual computer art designers, engineers and coders, plus collectors, gallerists, curators and more.  They’ll be talking about everything from data visualization to crowdsourced art, plus showing off work from four major toolkits for creating generative and interactive audio and visuals.  Twenty artists will show what they’ve been working on lately, to get you inspired for your next project.  We’ll also cover the problematics of including software art in the art establishment, and have a session on collecting media art.  It’s something for everybody.  Join us!

Thursday, September 27th, 2012
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