ITP at Maker Faire NY 2012

ITP at Maker Faire Press:

Here is a list of ITP students, faculty and alumni presenting work at Maker Faire NY 2012

ITP Students
Nerdy Derby

Tom Igoe (Professor, ’97)
Arduino talks, and intro to Leonardo and Intro to WiFI talks.

Eric Hagan (’12)

Matt Richardson (student)
Descriptive Camera Makes Pictures You Can Read

Matt Richardson (student)
Raspberry Pi 101:

Rob Faludi (’07)
Upgrade Your World: XBee to Internet

Jonah Brucker-Cohen (’00) and Katherine Moriwaki (’01)
Parsons Presents: GadgITERATION

Katherine Moriwaki (’01)
Parsons Presents: MFA Design + Technology

Susan Ngo (’11) and Eszter Ozsvald (’12)

Amy Parness (’04) and Ariel Churi (’04)
Sparkle Labs

Ryan Viglizzo (student) and Benedetta Piantella (adjunct, ’08)
Open Technologies for the Planet and its People

Nelson Ramon (’12)
DIY – Anaerobic Chamber

Mustafa Bagdatli (’10), Emily Webster (’12) and Genevieve Hoffman (’12)
Tangible Lights

Catarina Mota (adjunct, ’00)
Smart Materials for DIY Projects

Catarina Mota (adjunct, ’00) and Dustyn Roberts (adjunct)
The State of Open Source Hardware

CW&T Che-Wei Wang (adjunct, ’09) and Taylor Levy (’09)
Penny Recumbent

CW&T Che-Wei Wang (adjunct, ’09) and Taylor Levy (’09)
Kickstarted? Now What?

Jaymes Dec (adjunct, ’08)
Making Young Makers

Kyle McDonald (Adjunct) and Zach Lieberman (Adjunct)

Laewoo Kang (’11)
I Want To

Leah Gilliam (’08)
Hive Learning Network New York City

Sean Montgomery (adjunct)
Heart-felt Apparel

Sean Montgomery (adjunct)
Graffiti Fone

Sukmo Koo (’12)
Hand in Hand

Yury Gitman (’02)
Pulse Sensor

Paul Rothman┬á (’10)

Jody Culkin (’02)
comics for a workshop on breadboarding
Maker Shed Annex

Thursday, September 27th, 2012
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