ITP Invites Global Citizens to Apply to Start Dream Lab in Abu Dhabi

NYU is creating a global hub in Abu Dhabi and we are looking for global citizens:
adventurous, curious, passionate, imaginative and skilled makers of interactive media
to help build a new experimental department there. The department will initially be
modeled on the ITP Master’s program located within the Tisch School of the Arts at
NYU New York. At ITP, we believe that learning by making is fundamental and that
making something you care about drives learning. This pedagogy will be adapted for
undergraduate students in Abu Dhabi (they are fantastic!) and integrated into the liberal
arts curriculum.

The Abu Dhabi campus offers special benefits and challenges. Currently there is no
broad community around art and technology in the area. However we have found that
this can lead to intriguing interdisciplinary connections and collaborations on campus.
The location allows you to rethink many of the western developed technologies we use
in the incredibly important context of the Middle East. When you add a short plane
ride from Abu Dhabi the potential new contexts for inspiring your work are vast. Most
importantly Abu Dhabi is quite used to making something from nothing, and tremendous
resources are now available for building facilities and attracting visitors to create this
as a destination for the international art and technology community. If you have worldchanging, global projects, NYUAD may be your place.

While technical fluency, particularly in computer programming, is a must, we are looking
for someone who sees the aesthetic, economic, political and ethical implications of new
media. Candidates must have a track record of teaching themselves new things and the
ability to inspire students to do the same. We are looking for someone who will include
the constant re-invention of the New Media curriculum and its integration into the
NYUAD’s liberal arts experience as an ongoing part of their own research of interactive
media. In addition to building a community within IMT, the faculty must be able to
reach out to bring discourse and ideas to the program and region through collaborative
research, conferences and other gatherings.

New York University has established itself as a Global Network University, a multi- site,
organically connected network encompassing key global cities and idea capitals. The
network has three foundational, degree-granting campuses: New York, Abu Dhabi,
and Shanghai, complemented by a network of over 15 research and study-away sites
across five continents. Faculty and students will circulate within this global network in
pursuit of common research interests, the promotion of cross-cultural understanding
and solutions for problems, both local and global.

Entering its third year, NYU Abu Dhabi has already recruited a cohort of faculty who are
at once distinguished in their research and teaching. Our first two classes of students
are drawn from around the world and surpass all traditional recruitment benchmarks,
both US and global. NYU Abu Dhabi’s highly selective liberal arts enterprise is
complemented by an institute for advanced research, sponsoring cutting-edge projects
across the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, and Engineering.

The terms of employment are competitive and include housing and educational
subsidies for children. Faculty may also spend time at NYU New York and other sites
of the global network, engaging in both research and teaching opportunities. The
appointment will begin September 1, 2013.

We invite applications for faculty positions at all levels (assistant, associate or full

Review of applications will begin November 15 and continue until the position is
filled. Candidates should submit whatever best represents them, preferably as links.
At a minimum candidates should submit a cover letter, Curriculum Vitae, and a list of
three references, all in PDF format. Relevant links, if included, should be included on
one document, also in PDF format. Please visit our website at
human.resources/open.positions.html for instructions and other information on how to
apply. If you have any questions, please e-mail

NYU Abu Dhabi is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

Friday, October 19th, 2012
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