ITP Project at Brick Theater

ITP project made by recent graduates Clio Davis, Kyle Greenberg, Yu Ji, Monique Naoum, Erin Finnegan, Michelle Chandra and Sharang Biswas is going to be shown at the Brick Theater’s Gameplay Festival this summer.

The Institute

July 10 – 25, 2015

Forget phone-taps and email hacks, what if someone could invade your very mind? In The Institute, participants must work together to free the mind of a brainwashed special agent, while a shadowy intelligence agency and a secretive research institute both vie for the knowledge trapped within it. Part puzzle game, part multimedia theater, The Institute allows players to explore a surreal mental landscape, while forcing them to confront questions about power, privacy, security, and the murky shades of grey between them.

60 minutes

Fri July 10, 8pm
Fri July 17, 9pm
Thurs July 23, 9pm
Sat July 25, 9pm


Wednesday, June 24th, 2015
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