ITP student, at Triennale Design Museum in Italy

ITP student, Matt Epler will be showing his project, Grand Old Party at the Triennale Design Museum in Italy

5 December 2012 – 13 March 2013
Triennale di Milano

“Is not the most erotic portion of a body – Roland Barthes wrote – where the garment gapes?” And where is the most erotic place of an object? Is there a design of the eros? And / or an eros of the design? When design is erotic? When it leaves tension and desire in the project? When he makes the object – or the space – fertile and propitiatory? When it triggers the sensory of the things, and it excites their skin? Or when it calls to perceive things with the senses before with reason? Or – again – when it gives off and free, first of all , feelings?

Sex&Design exhibition (working title) wants to reflect on the Eros theme, going over the easy stereotypes of pornography, “pruderie” or scandal. The exhibition wants to investigate, also in a mythological and anthropological way, how sexuality incorporates itself in the things and makes them medium of knowledge. For the designers, but also for the users.

In order to complete a selection about the relationship between sex and design starting from the archetypes of the classical civilization (not only the ones from West) up to our days, 8 international designers (with a particular sensibility for the relationship among eros, objects and spaces in their work) will be involved.

In this way, the exhibition will have a choral and collective articulation: not just an interpretation of the theme but a sort of polyphonic choir, not necessarily harmonic, with the goal to try to have to deal with one of the more exasperated contemporary “ghosts”, but in the meantime the more removed.

5 December 2012 – 10 March 2013
Triennale di Milano
Curated by Silvana Annicchiarico
Catalogue by Corraini Edizioni

Monday, October 22nd, 2012
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