SPECIAL EVENT: Artist, Angelo Vermeulen

November 13, 2009
6:30 pmto8:00 pm


In this artist talk Angelo Vermeulen will present his biology-inspired works. He will focus on ‘Biomodd’, a worldwide cross-cultural installation project in which ecology, community building, and case modding creatively converge. The first version was created at The Aesthetic Technologies Lab in Athens, Ohio between 2007 and 2008. In October 2009, the project’s second iteration in the Philippines was finalized after an 8-month long collaboration with a team of over 50 Filipino artists, scientists, engineers, gamers, craftsmen, volunteers and students. During the talk, ‘Biomodd’ will be elaborated upon using video excerpts, photos, work sketches and participant testimonies. Vermeulen will also introduce ‘Corrupted C#n#m#’, his new art project set up in collaboration with FLUXspace in Philadelphia, and due to open on November 20. The work deals with biological infected electronics, glitch art and abstract cinema.

Angelo Vermeulen is a visual artist, filmmaker, biologist, author, activist, and DJ. His research in ecology, environmental pollution and teratology informs his art, which includes bio installations, experimental setups incorporating living organisms and sci-fi references. His projects include ‘Blue Shift’, a Darwinian art project in collaboration with biologist Prof. Luc De Meester, and ‘Biomodd’, a worldwide series of cross-cultural, symbiotic installations fusing game culture, ecology and social interaction. Next to developing a new experimental cinema project based on biologically infected electronics, he currently also collaborates with the MELiSSA life support division of the European Space Agency. Vermeulen co-authored the book ‘Baudelaire in Cyberspace: Dialogues on Art, Science and Digital Culture’, with art philosopher Antoon Van den Braembussche, and lectures throughout Europe, Southeast Asia and North America.


Friday, October 23rd, 2009
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