SPECIAL EVENT: Future of Retail

November 12, 2010
1:00 pmto2:00 pm

Future of Retail. An example is here: http://prezi.com/pzhynwrk1tws/future-of-retail/

The topic covers new technologies emerging to shape the retail – how even those areas long thought to survive the internet and remain brick-and-mortar only, are seeing the change. The clothes can be tried, and even touched virtually; the make-up applied virtually. Even food, if not tasted virtually, is changing online market in Japan. For other categories, the future is even changing the product themselves.

The worlds of bio-robotics engineering that creates robotic mannequins, and the world of fashion can learn from each other and develop truly game changing technologies.

As technology evolves, the big picture changes. The real estate developers need to think what happens next, the countries need to think what skills their citizens need. The vision of future takes the mind – and the discussions – to another level.


Heikki Haldre believes that the necessity of cross-disciplinary thinking is one of the biggest advantages of coming from a small country like Estonia. He has successfully created and exited 5 companies, including one in apparel retail and one in eCommerce, before co-founding Fits.me, Virtual Fitting Room.

Heikki’s interest in businesses is broader than building and selling them, however.  Among other large-scale projects, Heikki ran Estonia’s biggest political campaign in favor of joining the EU that allowed the country to do exactly that.   Heikki has been shown recognition for Fits.me’s accomplishments from organisations as diverse as the EU in Brussels, the Plug and Play Technology Center in Silicon Valley, and the British Council in London.  He has studied business in Estonia and the US, and holds an MBA from Tartu University.

Thursday, October 14th, 2010
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