Special Event: Open Sim

April 24, 2009
6:30 pmto8:00 pm

Open Simulator is a 3D application server whose modular architecture and hyperkinking capabilites allows the creation of networked virtual environments which can be accessed through a variety of clients, on multiple protocols.

Tish Shute, Ugotrade –
My career in new media and technology began with innovation in motion control, robotics, and special effects for film, television, theme parks and aerospace. I continue my interest in innovation and paradigm shifts as an entrepreneur and writer interested in sustainable living, the real time internet, social networking, ubiquitous computing, augmented reality, and virtual realities.  I have an M.Phil., “Culture and Media,” from NYU, Dept. of Anthropology, where I pursued my interest in the uptake of new technology from a more academic POV.

I am particularly interested in connecting virtual and real environments (a distinction that will increasingly not make sense).  HTTP and HTML enabled the wildfire spread of the Internet.  Basic protocols for the internet of things are emerging.  Pachube offers a way to connect enviroments virtual and real, and is  designed to work with with accessible opensource frameworks like Arduino, Processing and OpenSimulator.  As Adam Greenfield put it, Pachube is “as close as anyone’s yet come to providing a plug-and-play backbone for the creation of responsive environments.”  I will discuss and show some of the interesting work being done in this area, including the project homecamp in OpenSimulator which I am part of.

Dimitri Darras
Dimitri (ITP ’06) developed content and machinima on the Second Life Grid for The FutureWork Institute, Cisco Systems, and other clients.  Over the past three years he has actively experienced a rapidly innovating media that is now expanding beyond proprietary technology into a whole new universe.  His consultancy Darleon specializes in virtual worlds and new media development.

Thursday, March 12th, 2009
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