WORKSHOP: Bluetooth LE: What’s the Deal?

March 7, 2015
12:00 pmto5:00 pm
Bluetooth LE: What’s the Deal?
Saturday, March 7
3 sessions from 12pm – 5pm
Room 50
Bluetooth 4.0, aka Bluetooth Low Energy, aka Bluetooth Smart, holds a lot of promise for connected devices, but it’s not as friendly as Bluetooth 2.0.  What’s a service? What’s a characteristic? What’s GAP, GATT, and why do I need to know? How does iBeacon play into this? In this half-day workshop, Don Coleman will introduce the concepts behind Bluetooth LE and show working examples using libraries for node.js, Cordova, and some programmable Arduino-compatible modules using the Nordic Bluetooth LE radios.
* The first session will be an explanation of Bluetooth LE with lots of questions and answers.
* In the second session, we’ll start to program in node.js and Cordova. We’ll talk about the differences between iOS and Android
* In the final session, we’ll look at some Arduino-compatible hardware modules for Bluetooth LE. We’ll have a few RedBear Labs BLE Nanos and some RFduinos on hand for people to share, or bring your own.
What you’ll need for these sessions:
Session 1 (noon – 1PM): an interest in Bluetooth LE. Here’s an intro:
Session 2 (1:30 – 3:00): a laptop pre-loaded with node.js and a Cordova development environment set up for Android or iOS.
Session 3 (3:30 – 5): a laptop pre-loaded with Arduino 1.6.0, the RedBear and RFDuino libraries, and Sandeep Mistry’s arduino-BLEperipheral library. See these instructions:
Signup for any or all of these sessions at this eventBrite link. Please sign up so we have a head count. Students can sign up for any or all.
About Don:
Don Coleman is a software developer who enjoys hacking with phones, Arduino and other hardware. Don is the co-author of “Beginning NFC Near Field Communication with Arduino, Android, and PhoneGap” and is currently working on a book about Bluetooth Low Energy.


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