WORKSHOP: Sound As Data with Marius Watz

November 10, 2013
12:00 pmto4:00 pm

Sound As Data with Marius Watz
Sunday, November 10
12 – 4pm

Room 20

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Sound as data: Live cinema and sound-responsive systems (Processing)

Seen from a data perspective, digital sound is just another input, a time series of air 
pressure measurements representing acoustic information. But as an element of human 
perception sound is a rich carrier of emotional and spatial experience, a layered temporal 
signal with the potential to convey complex patterns that can deeply affect the receiving 

The notion of combining sound and image into a single integrated experience is not new. But 
such practices have been made radically easier by the introduction of digital media interfaces, 
which are capable of processing and synthesizing sounds and images as a unified signal. 

In this workshop we will look at code-based strategies for using sound (both live and static) 
as an input for other forms of creative expression. Possible scenarios include the creation of 
audio-visual performance software and sound-responsive visuals, as well as the mapping of sound 
data into geometric forms for 3D printing. 

We will cover the basics of how to access sound streams as a data input, as well as ways to 
process and analyze that data. To create a harmonious mapping between sound and image we must 
first extract useful parameters from the input signal, allowing us to map rhythm and tonal 
qualities to visual behavior. By applying simple data mangling techniques we can then further 
manipulate and modulate those parameters, providing not only improved control but also the 
opportunity for live improvisation.


Marius Watz uses code to describe abstract forms as generative software systems. Known for his 
vivid colors and complex geometries, his output ranges from real-time software to print-making 
and physical artifacts produced through digital fabrication technologies. Watz is a lecturer in 
Interaction Design at the Oslo School of Architecture, and has shown his work at venues like the 
V & A (London), Kunstlerhaus (Vienna) and Club Transmediale (Berlin).
Wednesday, November 6th, 2013
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