WORKSHOP Tools of the Trade with Marius Watz

November 17, 2013
12:00 pmto6:00 pm

Tools of the Trade with Marius Watz
Sunday, November 17
12pm – 6pm

Room 50
Tools of the trade: Computational techniques every creative coder should know 

Code is a wonderfully plastic material, allowing the abstraction of parametric behaviors 
and logical processes into executable code. Even the simplest of computational structures 
can prove to be powerful tools, by default defining a potentially infinite series of possible 
outcomes, implied as the sum of chosen algorithms and input parameters.

But not all code is created equal. The needs and interests of artists and designers tend to 
radically diverge from the focus of conventional computer science. Standard algorithms may 
excel at specific tasks, but for the purpose of describing aesthetic ideas the most useful 
tools are often simple concepts that provide a potential for flexible expression. 

This workshop will demonstrate some of the essential computational techniques that every 
coder should know, from deceptively simple geometry hacks to ways to describing kinetic 
motion and time-based behavior. We will look at real-world solutions for reducing code 
complexity and maximizing the expressive potential of parametric  systems. 

Demos will range from basic computational concepts to tried-and-tested workflows for 
professional production. These techniques may not be rocket science, but they represent a 
toolkit for creative coding refined through many years of professional practice.


Marius Watz uses code to describe abstract forms as generative software systems. Known for 
his vivid colors and complex geometries, his output ranges from real-time software to 
print-making and physical artifacts produced through digital fabrication technologies. Watz 
is a lecturer in Interaction Design at the Oslo School of Architecture, and has shown his 
work at venues like the V & A (London), Kunstlerhaus (Vienna) and Club Transmediale (Berlin).
Wednesday, November 6th, 2013
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