3D modeled copper bust of woman's head in left profile.
Art Installations

Ease My Mind

Ease My Mind is an exploration of the coupling between self portraiture and interactive video sculpture. This sculpture reveals my interior design, while practicing the importance of human connection.


Sophia Baker


Sharleen Smith


This installation takes the metaphorical “externalization of the mind” into the literal, as my inner-overstimulated state is visualized as television static on an LCD screen. Through interaction, visitors are asked to hold my “heart.” In order to dissipate the television static each visitor must take the time to learn how to hold my heart with care. When held the right way, the television static fades as my mind begins to ease.

3D modeled copper bust of woman's head in left profile.


Technical Details

The digital components of this piece were developed in Unity Game Engine. The application is run on a Mac Mini and controlled through serial communication between Unity and an Arduino Nano IOT 33, utilizing the built-in accelerometer to manipulate the visuals on the LCD. The prototype for the physical sculpture was designed and modeled in Maya, and the final sculpture was fabricated using soft copper sheets.