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Taste it with Your Eyes

This is a research-based conceptual design. New ways of intimacy would be fostered with the form of traditional family meal, but now build up virtual activities through simulating taste by color. Proposed ideas include mobile apps, VR experiences, and remote cooking services.


Siyang Bai


Sharon De La Cruz


This project is a research based virtual experience conceptual design. Under the background of almost all intimate communication moving to online platform, it aims to explore new ways to express love and affection for others. After conducting preliminary research, this project has decided to use the simulation of traditional family dinners as a means to express love. However, the challenges posed by virtual platforms like VR and the inability to deliver flavors via mobile devices have become significant obstacles. Consequently, the latter half of the research is focused on finding ways to communicate taste in VR-like environments. Finally, some proposals are raised. An Gift App is the most handy solution. It offers the opportunity to create and taste delicious food as a gift. Using stunning visuals such as color and pattern, the app simulates the taste of food by color, delivering love and interest experience among lovers. Looking towards the future, the project plans to move to VR platform and incorporate sound to further enhance the user's sensory experience and mimic the taste of food even more accurately.


First part of my research is analysis of the intimacy among people from past to present. In second part I chose VR as an example platform to explore more about how the new technology changes the way of communication Back to my intention: warm connection among human should not be ignored. I decided to use a traditional love language in the advanced platform, ideally in VR, to explore the new form of love language. Also to remind people of that bonding is the most important thing no matter how technology changed our lives.

Technical Details