Art Narrative/storytelling

Moon Tides

Moon Tides is an interactive water-based projection performance that explores the relationship between the Moon, tides, and human emotions. Through projection mapping and special effects, the performance represents the emotional impact of lunar phases and the gravitational pull between the moon and Earth on humans.


Henry He


Sharon De La Cruz


Moon Tides is an interactive art installation that explores the deep relationship between the moon, tides, and human emotions. This captivating performance represents the profound emotional impact of the lunar phases and the gravitational pull between the moon and Earth on our minds and souls. Through projection mapping and soundscape experience, the audience is invited to immerse themselves in the rising and fall of the tides, guided by the movements of the moon. As they journey through the performance, they will be swept away by the beauty and power of nature and its connection to our emotions. Moon Tides speaks to the primal rhythms of life that are deeply rooted in our consciousness, reminding us of our innate connection to the natural world and the powerful forces that shape our lives. Seamlessly blending technology and art, it offers a fresh perspective on the enduring mystery and wonder of the moon, inviting audiences to embark on a captivating journey where the moon, tides, and emotions converge in a symphony of light and sound.



”You walk along a beach, seashells, driftwood, and seaweed left by the retreating tides at your feet. Look up at the Moon, and you’re seeing the main cause of the surge and retreat of oceans from our shores. As distant as the Moon may seem, its gravitational pull on Earth plays a huge role in the formation of tides.” Since ancient times, humans have received the most primitive rhythms of life from lunar phases. There are so many poets who write eloquently about the moon, who carefully hide their unidentified emotions in it. Why are we always sad at night and why do we always have endless feelings when facing the moon?  The Moon understands all the languages on Earth. These unexplainable emotions, just like tides being influenced by the gravitational force of the Earth and the moon's distance, are fluctuating and surging according to the original setting and nature’s law.    

Technical Details