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Project Hànzì 汉字计划

A digital platform using modern visuals aimed at non-Chinese speakers to expand their understanding and appreciation of Chinese characters through an online interactive painting tool and mobile augmented reality technology.


Shuchen Xu


Rosalie Yu


Project Hànzì centered on the exploration of Pictograms within the Six Methods. The aim was to recreate the early-age Chinese characters, also known as Oracle bone scripts, using modern digital media and visual language. This art project seeks to introduce and deepen non-Chinese speakers' understanding of how Chinese characters are constructed while increasing awareness of Hanzi culture. An interactive website and augmented reality features on the phone have been developed to enhance users' comprehension of the form and meaning of Chinese characters, with a particular emphasis on pictograms. With the tool, users can create paintings and generate texts in both Chinese and English to share their work with a broader audience. They could also explore the nature of collecting oracle bone scripts using object detection AR technology. The goal is to provide users with a fun and engaging experience, allowing the audience to explore the captivating world of Chinese characters. Project Hànzì aims to create a starting point for individuals to delve into Chinese characters' rich and complex world, fostering a greater appreciation and understanding of Chinese culture.

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Technical Details

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