Main image containing screen shot from the project
Narrative/storytelling Play/Games Social good/activism VR/AR


A VR experience about life under lockdown in China


Sihan Zhang


Rosalie Yu


In 2022, when most countries had moved on from the pandemic, strict lockdowns were still happening across China. From March to October, there were 150 partial and full city-wide lockdowns, affecting a population of more than 280 million. "Trapped" transports the player into a room under lockdown in China, allowing them to experience the lockdown life from a first-person perspective in VR. The player is confined to their home and their daily life is filled with repetitive tasks such as checking their health code, taking PCR tests, working from home, cooking, and trying to get food. After living through a week of monotony, loneliness, and anxiety, the player will be presented with real photos and quotes from people who have experienced lockdowns. I hope this VR project provides people with an opportunity to experience and understand the impact of the zero-covid policy and lockdowns on the lives of ordinary people.

Main image containing screen shot from the project


Technical Details

This VR experience was created using Unreal Engine. Some models were from Sketchfab and others were made in Blender. Animations were also created in Blender. Photos and quotes were collected from interviewees and social media posts.

crossing off dates on the calendarworking from homepicking up food handouts