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"Summer" is a gift to myself and to those who are discovering their true selves. Through an animated short film, we get to see the struggles and bravery of tiny popsicles, all while observing from the sidelines. Despite their melting, the popsicles' transformation from solid to liquid form does not signify an end to their existence.


Yuan Fang


Sharon De La Cruz


"Summer" is a personal animated short film that chronicles my journey towards self-acceptance, emphasizing the importance of inner strength and resilience. It delves into my relationship with my own body, which has been affected by a rare disease called scleroderma. This condition caused my skin to become hardened and tightened, making me feel the need to hide my body in long-sleeved shirts and avoid revealing myself in public. As a result, summer became a source of anxiety for me, preventing me from enjoying the sun's warmth or the beach. Over time, I began to realize that my struggles could inspire others facing similar challenges. After eight long years of grappling with self-acceptance, I finally mustered the courage to wear short sleeves, signifying a major turning point in my journey. To commemorate this milestone and share my story with others, I created an animated film that encapsulates my experiences. Within the film, I designed a cute popsicle avatar to symbolize myself—a character who longs to savor the delights of summer while grappling with the fear of melting. This popsicle metaphorically embodies my feelings of entrapment within my own body and my struggle to fully embrace life. Through the film's animated sequences, viewers can connect with my character's journey and gain insight into the challenges of self-acceptance, inspiring them to face their own personal obstacles. Ultimately, the film conveys the message that we all possess the capacity to exist in various forms—just as the popsicle can transition between liquid and solid states. By embracing our unique experiences and characteristics, we can empower ourselves and others to find self-acceptance and live life to the fullest.


Technical Details

I developed 'Summer' using a variety of software tools, including Unreal Engine 5 for the Virtual Reality experience and video rendering. I created 3D models and animation effects in Blender and sourced avatar animation assets from Adobe Mixamo