dice and game chips and pieces
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A Die to Die for

"A Die to Die For" is a thoughtfully crafted experimental board game that puts players in control by utilizing classical element dice as the key mechanism for gameplay.


Toni Jung


Simone Salvo


Like many others, I've been spending a lot of my digital leisure time at home lately, often completely absorbed in playing games. The stunning visuals and captivating storylines have been a welcome distraction from the world outside, but I've also noticed how many different controllers and mechanisms are required to play these games. This led me to ponder how to simplify the gameplay experience while still allowing for progress. That's when I hit upon the idea of incorporating a classic and powerful tool for gaming: the die. With this in mind, I'm currently developing a project that aims to give players a sense of creating their own games using simple devices and formats. The project will combine elements of board games, pieces, a computer, and a projector machine. The game does not have a winning condition. Instead, two players communicate with each other using dice to develop a relationship. They roll their dice and move in any direction they choose, collecting black or white pieces as they go. This process continues until there are no pieces left.

dice and game chips and pieces


Technical Details

Players will not only roll the dice but also use them as their player pieces. The design of the dice pieces has gone through several demo tests and has now taken on a particular form. These dice will interact with animations played on top of the game board, which will help create a unique and immersive atmosphere. The project will be presented in a dark room with only a table, two chairs, a projector machine, and a computer for gameplay. The game board design changes with the 3 key buttons next to the board whenever the players need to reset the board. The goal is to enhance the element of playing in the light cast by the projector and create a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

Players playing a video projected on top of game board with game piecesPlayer using the keyboard to change the game board