3D Modeling of AR Face filter Self-Discrepancy


My thesis project aims to examine the self-discrepancy I have encountered as an artist in Korea and a foreigner in New York, using augmented reality technology to visually convey this experience. I will express the incongruity I experienced, highlighting foreigners' limitations and isolation.


Yeseul Oh


Sharleen Smith


The term "self-discrepancy" refers to the mismatch between an individual's self-perception and external perceptions and interactions. After starting the Metabun_ny Project in 2021, I have been building a successful career as an artist through exhibitions and collaborations with companies in Korea. However, I am also afraid that my art may be evaluated based on different standards due to the discrimination, prejudice, and oppression I experienced as an Asian woman in New York. I feel confused and anxious about my identity in these contrasting situations. To express this self-discrepancy, I plan to use augmented reality (AR) technology to project my self-perception onto the reality of New York. When my virtual self is projected onto reality, I want to visually represent the incongruity between the virtual and real world to express my feeling of being a foreigner, not fitting in, and being limited as a foreigner.

3D Modeling of AR Face filter Self-Discrepancy


Technical Details

This project is an Instagram AR face filter. The reason for using AR technology is that it can transcend the boundaries between virtual and real, and can serve as a means to deal with my experiences as an artist and a foreigner at the intersection of the two worlds. Additionally, it is an exhibition method that is not bound by location. Anyone can use an AR filter to experience and empathize with my work, providing an opportunity for greater understanding. This choice is also influenced by my previous experience with AR technology, as well as its potential to be used as a tool to navigate the boundary between virtual and real.