Mood Box

My sister struggles with anxiety and bipolar disorder and longs for understanding and care. "Mood Box" is the VR museum I created to help people comprehend and experience the complexities and manifestations of these conditions. The museum showcases videos, animated illustrations, and sculptures, with the aim of increasing awareness and understanding of anxiety and bipolar disorder, and providing support to individuals facing similar struggles.


Yang Xu


Adaora Udoji


Do you know what anxiety disorder is? And have you heard of bipolar disorder? Anxiety disorder is a mental illness characterized by excessive worry and unease. Bipolar disorder is an emotional disorder in which patients exhibit alternating episodes of mania and depression. My sister suffers from severe anxiety disorder and bipolar disorder, and I interviewed some people with similar conditions for research. Their common needs are to be seen, understood, and accepted. I created "Mood Box," a VR immersive experience museum. Based on my research and my sister's experiences, the first floor displays dynamic illustrations of several relatively typical emotions or states, while the second floor highlights the extreme two emotions of bipolar disorder - depression and manic. I used digital sculptures to present them. As ordinary people, we may not be able to provide practical help like professional psychologists, and sometimes even they cannot fully do so. But we can understand what anxiety disorder and bipolar disorder are, give patients time and space, show empathy, and let them know that no matter what happens, we are there, and they are not alone.


Technical Details