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Healing through cooking

When did cooking become a waste of time? Do we really understand food? Do we really know what we're putting into our mouths? Don't let fast food and delivery platform deprive us of understanding ourselves and healing through cooking. This is an app that encourages and helps people to learn about food and nutrition and enjoy cooking.


Yvonne Zhang


Adaora Udoji


More and more young people are losing the skill of cooking. Perhaps because of the convenience stores that are everywhere, the diverse range of restaurants, or the delivery apps that allow us to have food delivered to our door with just a few clicks, making us gradually accept the idea that cooking is a waste of time and energy. However, I had a similar mindset until I began to love cooking during the process of learning, and discovered the many benefits it brings, such as a greater understanding of nutrition, a sense of achievement in completing a dish, satisfaction in eating, and a more energetic and healthy body. So I started to think about how to help more people enjoy the fun of cooking.I realized that cooking is not just a life skill, but also a therapeutic exercise that can alleviate anxiety, reduce emotional eating, lower obesity rates, and enhance people's sense of well-being and satisfaction in life. At the same time, through investigation, I found that there are many obstacles in the cooking process that hinder beginners from trying to cook. In this work, I identified pain points in the cooking process and provided solutions to improve the user's cooking experience  

Interface design


I have created a customer journey map that identifies four stages of my app based on different needs throughout different stages of cooking. Additionally, I collected 24 questionnaires to identify areas of the cooking process where users spend the most time and effort, in order to optimize those steps.

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