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BraceU is a mood-tracking and coping strategies mobile application that leverages virtual reality technology to provide users with personalised and effective methods for managing their emotional well-being, ultimately aiming to improve their mental health and quality of life.


Yiting Zeng


Juliette Powell


The word "BraceU" means to prepare oneself for a challenging or difficult situation, and the app aims to provide users with the tools to do just that. "Embracing" "yourself" and your emotions. BraceU incorporates VR technology to enhance the user's coping experience and provide a more immersive and engaging environment for venting, mindfulness breathing practice, and creative activities. Through the app's mood tracking feature, users can identify patterns in their emotions and behaviors and utilize the tailored VR activities to help manage and cope with them. The importance of mood tracking lies in its ability to increase self-awareness and provide individuals with the means to identify and manage negative emotions, which can lead to improved mental health and overall well-being. By providing users with access to various coping strategies and tools, BraceU aims to support individuals in their journey towards emotional regulation and resilience. The design of BraceU is centered around the user's needs and experiences, with the ultimate goal of improving mental health outcomes for individuals.

BraceU Hero Header Image


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