Installation set in nature space
Art Installations Performance Social good/activism


A kinetic sculpture performed by land itself. It transforms the unseen dynamics in the soil into a fluid new outline of the landscape, suggesting a poetic approach to investigate livingness of the land.


Ziwei Ji


Simone Salvo


Land supports and nurtures countless lives. But could land itself be considered a living entity? Capacitive soil sensor captures fluctuating data from the earth, offering a glimpse into the vibrant activities underneath. Re-Landscape is a kinetic sculpture installed in nature spaces. Four acrylic poles move up or down based on sensor readings collected from four adjacent land spots. A red soft line connecting the poles forms a fluid landscape against the natural geometry curves, outlining an unseen dimension of the land's reality. The poles move in a slow pace to make it a poetic experience viewing the re-outlined landscape emerge and reform, and land on a refreshed perception of life's agency. In this work, land is the not only the theme of creation, but also the subject who creates. It take charges of what data could be collected and how the sculpture shapes like. I share my creator's authority with the land. This is a kinetic sculpture reveals land's secret life. This is a show performed by land.    

Installation set in nature space


Technical Details