A nonface character in the center of the picture. background with dark forest.

A Journey to The Light

"A Journey to the Light" is an animated video that delves into the profound impact of childhood trauma on a person's personality development. Through a complex dissection and reconstruction of my own childhood experiences, the video project reveals the healing pathways of childhood trauma and its long-term effects on personality formation and development.


June Lan


Despina Papadopoulos


The video project " A Journey to the Light" is an interactive animation that utilizes Unreal Engine and After Effects to explore the lifelong impact of childhood experiences on personality formation and development, and to provide a perspective on the complex interplay between my past experiences and my personality today. Through personal reflection and reenactment of my past experiences, this project examines the relationship between childhood trauma and the formation of my personality traits, including low self-esteem, introversion, and fear of mollusks. Over the years, I have improved my self-confidence, and although there have been many changes, my low self-esteem has never left. Through creating "A Journey to the Light," I aimed to explore whether reframing and sharing my painful experiences could lead to healing, and then achieve the goal of promoting personal growth. What I discovered is that confronting past trauma can be a critical step toward healing, but it is not always necessary to force the process. Just like treating a wound, there are times when opening and disinfecting can help, but at other times, it is better to let the healing process happen naturally.

A nonface character in the center of the picture. background with dark forest.


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