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HERCS Smart Strength Training Devices: eBell & ePin Devices

The inventive eBell and ePin devices revolutionize fitness tracking by streamlining strength training data collection and providing real-time insights, empowering users to supercharge their workouts and achieve their fitness aspirations more effectively.


Nana Liao


Despina Papadopoulos


The eBell and ePin creations respond to the burgeoning demand for streamlined and intuitive fitness tracking solutions as the awareness of the essential role of regular physical exercise for overall health and well-being expands. These products facilitate the monitoring of strength training exercises, freeing users to concentrate on their workouts without the burden of manual performance documentation. The eBell and ePin furnish real-time data regarding exercise type, weight, sets, and reps, enabling users to fine-tune their workouts, gauge progress, and accomplish their fitness ambitions with greater proficiency. Additionally, their adaptability to an array of gym equipment, encompassing dumbbells, barbells, wristbands, and selectorized strength apparatuses, ensures they cater to a diverse audience with distinct exercise predilections. This research investigates the evolution, potential, and prospective influence of the eBell and ePin on the health and fitness domain, motivating more individuals to embrace active lifestyles and bolster their overall well-being.

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The conception of the eBell and ePin was informed by exhaustive research into prevailing fitness tracking technologies and the escalating demand for pioneering approaches to oversee strength training exercises. Numerous studies underscore the vital importance of regular physical activity for sustaining overall health and well-being, yet many people grapple with effectively monitoring their progress. Contemporary fitness trackers predominantly emphasize cardiovascular activities, exposing a market opportunity for strength training-centric solutions. Taking cues from flourishing products like Fitbit and Apple Watch, the eBell and ePin were devised to deliver a user-centric experience with instantaneous data and seamless compatibility with various gym equipment types. Technical research delved into pinpointing suitable materials and components, such as sensors and connectivity options, to guarantee the devices' resilience and exactitude. By addressing the necessity for effective strength training tracking solutions, the eBell and ePin have the potential to substantially impact the health and fitness sector, contributing to the ongoing surge in active lifestyle adoption and overall well-being enhancement.

Technical Details

The eBell and ePin systems incorporate cutting-edge technologies and algorithms to deliver seamless fitness tracking experiences. For communication, both systems utilize Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), while RFID technology enables weight information tracking. Magnetic attachments facilitate seamless device integration, and advanced rep counting is achieved through barometer and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sensors. Real-time data display, storage, and analysis provide user insights and personalization. The development process involved various software and hardware components, with programming languages such as C++ and Python employed for algorithm implementation and data processing.

Users using HERCS Ebell product during trainingeBell is attached on dumbbellsUser is looking at HERCS mobile app after training