Virtual Idol: Fernando

A handsome face, his key to unlock the doors of fashion's embrace; a strong body, empowering him to overcome any obstacle; a pink buzz cut, a symbol of his immortal reign as a virtual idol. Fernando, our muse, will ignite the flames of creativity within us, inspiring us to transcend the limits of the digital world. Let us create immersive experiences that push beyond the boundaries of possibility, and honor Fernando's legacy as a true digital legend.


Chengbo Xing


Despina Papadopoulos


This thesis project explores the potential of creating a virtual idol through the use of an Avatar, utilizing tools such as Character Creator 4, MidJourney, Unreal Engine, and ElevenLabs. The project focuses on three distinct realms where a virtual idol can have an impact: Digital Fashion, VR Porn, and Influencer Advertising. The creation of the Avatar involves the use of advanced 3D modeling and the latest AI techniques to bring it to life. Character Creator 4 is used to design and customize the Avatar's appearance, while MidJourney is utilized for generating AI images that simulate real scenes. Unreal Engine is used for real-time rendering and motion capture, and ElevenLabs provides tools for creating interactive experiences for the virtual idol. The first realm that the virtual idol explores is Digital Fashion. This involves using Avatars to showcase clothing, accessories, and runway shows in a virtual environment. The second realm is VR Porn, where the virtual idol is used to create erotic content for a virtual reality audience, especially for underrepresented communities like the LGBTQ+ community. Finally, the virtual idol is used in Influencer Advertising, where it is utilized to promote products and services through social media and other digital platforms in a less costly way. Explore the new possibilities created by the collision of the latest contemporary AI technologies with advanced 3D modeling and animation techniques. I want to demonstrate how the use of a virtual idol can help to drive engagement and create new opportunities for businesses and content creators in the digital world. And for myself, I hope his brave heart can lead me out of the shadow of inferiority, directly to the sun, and truly become the person I want to be.


Technical Details

Used Character Creator 4 to create my avatar. Used MidJourney to AI generate the background images I posted on Instagram. I used Photoshop to combine my adjusted animated avatar with AI background images. Unreal Engine was used for motion capture and VR sex experiences. Used ElevenLabs to formulate my exclusive AI voice for Avatar. Used D-ID to combine audio with avatar pictures to make my avatar speech video.